Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm still looking for supporters for mothers' rights and grandmothers' rights in Florida.

Help us. Give us a chance against money and power and the dilemma in the courts of Florida and around the country.

Give mothers back their power and give grandmothers back their rights!

Does anyone care that we're losing our children and our lives, around the world, trying to protect them?

How many mothers are IN JAIL for trying to protect their children? MANY, MANY MORE THAN HAVE EVER HARMED THEIR CHILDREN.

When will this abuse of mothers and their children end? When YOU GET INVOLVED AND TRY TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM. I'm trying every day to find out what is going on everywhere and more and more I see corruption in the courtrooms and corruption within "child protective services" CHILDREN KNOW WHO THEIR MOTHERS ARE, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH HAS PROVEN THAT A BOND EXISTS regardless of what other people do, the real birth mother is known by the child, and their feelings are emotional, even if they can't speak.

SPEAK FOR THE CHILDREN, give them back to their mothers. Help me begin a new way of thinking in the courtroom - children need to be with their mothers - 99% of the time this is the TOTAL TRUTH!!

Thanks for reading, thanks for responding, thanks for participating.

lonely nanna in florida

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm still planning for my WALK TO WASHINGTON FOR MOTHERS' RIGHTS, but my time frame has changed due to a lack of resources. All I need is good walking shoes and a place to sleep at night. I have taken care of the food and water issue and friends are donating all the sunscreen I need!

If I get the brakes and transmission repaired on my custom van I have someone who will drive it and follow me so I have a place to sleep at night, so, I guess all that's missing are the good walking shoes! :>)

I will be on my way soon my friends, and am inviting you to walk with me. Women everywhere in this country and around the world are losing their children to abusive men and to the system that takes them away and gives them to other people to raise. WHERE ARE MOTHERS' RIGHTS? We have been the backbone of this country and others, we have raised our families through abuse and without pay, we have sat in waiting rooms and stood in long lines to get help with food and medical care and now OUR CHILDREN ARE BEING GIVEN TO THE MEN WHO ABUSED AND NEGLECTED US by a CORRUPT COURTS SYSTEM THAT IS OUT OF CONTROL! This is what I'm fight against, and MOTHERS' RIGHTS are what I'm fighting for. PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE JOIN ME and WALK TO WASHINGTON for MOTHERS' RIGHTS.


lonelynanna in florida
lovingnanna in florida


Thursday, April 8, 2010


I may be a little repetitive here, I'm very emotional about this issue. There needs to be something done and I feel powerless to do anything. I need help, my daughter needs help, women everywhere need help, and there is nowhere to turn in this current system. Please help me change what is going on so mothers can be back with their children.

Men are taking children away from their loving, nurturing mothers and destroying them, and themselves. We see it in the news, we hear about it EVERY DAY, mothers and grandmothers everywhere are crying and our hearts are breaking with sorrow. WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING???!!! Because of money, power and the corrupt, out of control court system. MEN have the power, including attorneys and judges, and are in control of the system and the process and they’re guilty of CONSPIRACY AND KIDNAPPING!

Why can’t we STOP what is happening? Because our system has given TOO MUCH POWER to judges who are historically political puppets to powerful attorneys, who are representing men who continue to ABUSE WOMEN who do not cower to their demands. I know these are harsh realities, but, come on people, when are we going to face the fact that the courts are OUT OF CONTROL? AND what do we do about it?

My daughter filed for child support in June, 2009. my baby granddaughter had been born in April, and now the father was required to take a paternity test. Once he received the child support notice and paternity proved that the baby girl was his, he threatened to use his attorney and the system and take the baby from her if she pursued child support.

They argued more than once, restraining orders were initiated, she was late to a hearing, her restraining order was dismissed and his was allowed. SHE HAD THE BABY TO TAKE CARE OF, SHE WAS LATE – THAT SHOULD NOT BE A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO DISMISS A RESTRAINING ORDER REQUESTED BY SOMEONE WHO FELT THREATENED and intimidated by a man who was threatening to take her baby from her!!!

How did he do this? HE LIED!!! He had a criminal history of drug trafficking, battery and falsifying information, he has an experienced, high-powered attorney on retainer who has a working relationship with a judge – and they ALL CONSPIRED TO TAKE MY GRANDDAUGHTER AWAY FROM HER MOMMY! He threatened, he lied, he conspired and he succeeded, using the court system, his money, his attorney and the judge to legally KIDNAP A BABY FROM ITS MOTHER!

So, now, he has had my daughter put in jail for "calling him too often" violating a restraining order he never should have been able to obtain, and he has taken my baby granddaughter and left my daughter and me devastated emotionally and financially. He used the attorney he used to get out of prison to take a baby he never wanted, just so he wouldn't have to pay child support and deal with the baby's mother. He keeps trying to have my daughter put back in jail, has threatened me and has kept us from the baby since December 3, 2009.

This is happening all over the country, not just to my daughter. He did not SUPPORT his daughter or her mother in any way. Theirs was a volatile relationship because of his refusal to be a real father and his lack of interest in being a father and provider for his daughter. NOW HE CAN JUST GET A COURT ORDER AND TAKE THE BABY AWAY FROM ITS MOTHER?



I WANT MY GRANDDAUGHTER BACK IN MY LIFE! I was her other parent. I was her other primary caregiver. I was her other provider. This man did nothing but neglect her and my daughter and now he has her, and I have NO ACCESS to her!!! How is this right? I was a good grandmother. I was a great NANNA! All I want to do is watch FINDING NEMO, and plant avocado trees!!!

Why are abusive, criminal men been allowed to take children away from their mothers against family laws of state and moral laws of humanity, how do they continue to get away with it, even after children are dying at their hands!?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help stop this epidemic of injustice. Please stand up and fight for womens rights. Good men and good fathers would not DREAM OF TAKING CHILDREN FROM THEIR MOTHERS. What does this act alone say about the type of men that they are, not to mention the fact that they NEVER CARED FOR THE MOTHERS OR THE CHILDREN, and then they can just TAKE THE CHILDREN?

Men should NOT have ANY RIGHTS TO CHILDREN if they are not married to their mothers and have not provided food, shelter and clothing, as well as comfort and support to the women and the children since the beginning of the pregnancy. If a man comes back into the life of a woman after she has his child, he should be required to take as much time supporting them as he has already missed, before he is allowed ANY VISITATION WITH THE CHILDREN, and he should have to undergo psychological evaluation before being allowed unsupervised access to the child(ren). HE SHOULD HAVE TO EARN THE RIGHT TO PLAY FATHER especially if someone else has filled that role in his absence.

AND, grandmothers who have cared for the children should have LEGAL ACCESS to the children as long as she wants and under whatever circumstances she chooses, if she has been the other primary caregiver for the child or children. NO COURT SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO TAKE GRANDCHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE CHILDREN AND THEIR MOTHER AND APPROVAL FROM A LEGAL BODY EDUCATED IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD OVER THE LONG TERM.

Children need their grandmothers, and grandmothers need their grandchildren, and NO ONE should be allowed to keep them apart without just cause.

Thank you for reading, pray for you to take action, hope for changes in the future for daughters, children and grandmothers everywhere who are living this nightmare, without any power to do anything about it. God please help us all…

lonelynanna in Florida